I am an assistant professor of Marketing at the Faculty of Business Administration, University of New Brunswick. Prior to joining the University of New Brunswick, I was a visiting faculty member at Purdue University. I received my PhD in marketing from Purdue University. Before starting my academic career, I worked at MiTAC Information Technology Corp as an International Sales Representative.

My main research interests are word-of-mouth, social influence, viral marketing, and consumer decision making. My research focuses on understanding the scope of online word-of-mouth (WOM): how WOM forms; how it relates to our decision making; and how consumers’ heterogeneity, opinion leaders, celebrity endorsement, and cultural factors moderate it in North America and in Asia. My research seeks to identify unique and interesting patterns in WOM and to develop a fundamental understanding of how marketers and individuals can best exploit these WOM opportunities. For example, my current research suggests that a strong tie in a society enables firms to create an effective trend; an analysis of attributes of online reviews enables individuals to attract more followers; marketers can identify market segment by customers’ review behavior; companies can predict customers’ perception flow of a new product with a generalized Poisson process; and a celebrity’s nonprofit endorsement of a cause or product can increase our social welfare.

I teach Global Marketing, International Marketing Management, and Social Media Marketing in the BBA and MBA programs at University of New Brunswick. I also have experience teaching Marketing Models. I have received distinguished teacher and outstanding teaching awards as well as a Culture Fest Global Classroom contest award. My teaching interests also include principles of marketing, marketing management, and marketing research.